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Sobin Programs to Empower the Less Privileged

Prisons Foundation publishes hundreds of books annually written by prisoners and without cost to them, thereby giving prisoners a powerful voice. Click here to go to Website.

Safe Streets Arts Foundation exhibits art by incarcerated men and women and presents their plays at the Kennedy Center. Click here to go to Website.

Idiots Registry exposes public officials who place ex-offenders on government registries, thereby targeting them for discrimination and harassment. Click here to go to Website.

Citizens Against Police Entrapment advises citizens how to avoid becoming victims of misguided and over-zealous police sting operations. Click here to go to Website.

The Adventures of Silicone Sally is an animated R-rated video series that satirizes government sex registries and the hypocrisy of mainstream politicians. Click here to view an episode.

Dennis Sobin performs regularly at the Kennedy Center, where the photo below was taken. Please click it to hear some of Dennis's music.

Below article is reprinted from the Newsletter of the Safe Streets Arts Foundation

As we embark upon a new controversial initiative, we want to make clear that we are not abandoning our flagship programs.


We will continue to provide imprisoned artists an outlet for their work at our art galleries and special exhibits, continue to publish hundreds of books each year by imprisoned authors, and continue our partnership with the Kennedy Center to present plays of imprisoned playwrights. 


But we have decided to pay special attention to returning citizens, particularly those who are treated the worst by society and government. These are the ex-sex offenders who are placed on public registries for ostracism and further punishment.


A lot of the blame for allowing the registries to exist goes to all of us. Our puritanical tradition and our titillation with all things sexual are very much present in our society. The media and politicians know this and many have made their fortunes by following the adage "sex sells."


We have tried to fight them, using such vehicles as our Idiots Registry (www.IdiotsRegistry.info). But in the end, anything related to SEX has much more attraction and following than our nonsexual efforts.


If we can't fight our opponents, we have come to the decision that we must join them. We have therefore decided to become directly involved in sexual offerings as an attention-getter and fundraising vehicle.


So we are entering the titillating and highly profitable world of sex businesses.


You may consider this a low road for us to take, but it's the road with the most travelers, including voters, reporters and the politicians we need to compete with. Even the newsletter you are reading will have an unusually high rate of "opens" because of the word SEX in the subject line.


As many of you may know, our director Dennis Sobin once made a fortune in the sex business before being railroaded into prison. Some of that fortune is currently being used to fund our 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization when grants or donors can't be found. Thanks to Dennis's financial resources we even own real estate and have a large endowment.


Being no stranger to controversy, he has agreed to lend his name and personal website to our new initiative. Check it out today, but be forewarned that it contains sexually-explicit content.


After you visit it, please refrain from making negative comments to us. We no longer wish to hear from prudes, hypocrites or cowards. We have entered the age of realism. The website is www.DennisSobin.com. Thank you.

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